In preparation for the sixth round of hearings, the Commission has published the following background papers:

Background Paper 26: Some features of the general and life insurance industries which discussed some of the factors that influence how insurers provide general and life insurance to consumers to assist consumers manage risk. It also discussed the size and composition of the general and life insurance industries, and the main industry participants. Created by the RC.

Background Paper 27: Reforms to general and life insurance which discussed the recent and prospective reforms affecting the general and life insurance sectors (excluding those already mentioned in Background Paper 20). Created by the Treasury.

Background Paper 28: Group life insurance which detailed the principle and regulations surrounding group life insurance. Created by Enright, Mann, Merkin, Pynt, Traves.

Background Paper 29: Life insurance which dealt with the specific issues in relation to the four key forms of life insurance cover – term (death) insurance, total and permanent disability (TPD) Insurance, income protection (IP) insurance and critical illness or trauma insurance. Created by Enright, Mann, Merkin, Pynt, Traves.

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